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Woman Hair Trends This Summer

With the summer rolling, many trends come with the exciting season. This includes fashion and summer hair trends. Many women this summer are engaging in new hair trends. Many celebrities are also engaging in summer hair trends such as Laura Harrier and her Collarbone-Grazing Lobs.

The Collarbone Grazing Lobs is a comfortable hair trend for women. Women get to have short hair while remaining length.’’ Enter, the collarbone bob, a clavicle-skimming, choppy, laid-back style that’s proving a hit with Hollywood’s elite.” (Turner, E. 2021, June 22). Many Hollywood actresses are rocking this haircut and they influence other women to join in as well. Hollywood stars show women this hairstyle.

Wavy Pixie

Another hair trend for this summer is called the Wavy Pixie.” A pixie is a sassy look that is light and gives a youthful look,” she tells us. “Adding texture gives a whole new dimension to this already sexy cut.” (Boakye, O., & Petak, T. 2022, May 3). Some women feel as if it gives them a youthful look which is important because a haircut or hairstyle is supposed to make you feel good with self-confidence. Some women also say that it is an empowering haircut as it defies norms. Instead of the norm of long straight hair, women are cutting their hair short and waving it with designs and styles.

Middle Part Bob

A Middle Part BoB is another popular hair trend this summer. Many are rocking this hair trend to gatherings, parties, and events while maintaining comfortableness. A middle part bob is a type of bob that is parted down from the center of the head. It creates a flattering, dramatic change not just to your hairstyle but also to your face because of its face-framing prowess!’’ (Marcus, C. 2022, April 6). For some women, they feel as if it is a dramatic change which could make them stand out and feel more confident. 

Wispy Bangs

Another hair trend is the wispy bangs. It adds a twist to the usual bang hairstyle. With the usual bang hairstyle, some feel as if it doesn’t fit their face. With the wispy bangs it gives more opportunity for a great hairstyle and confidence boost this summer.’’ See, wispy bangs are a softer variation of blunt bangs, which makes them easier to pull off. Wispy bangs flaunt a mixture of short and long feathered strands that lay across your forehead, giving your strands a stylish flair’’(.Paris, L. O. 2022, May 24). Wispy bangs allow for more individual styling and different flows in the front.  


Lastly, Locks are a really big hair trend this summer. Locks can be styled in many different ways. Locks can also have charms put into them and be dyed making it a unique hairstyle with endless possibilities of styling. It can also be used and styled at different lengths.You can apply Kazani hair serum for better looking shinier looking locks.

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