Slow Crafted, Time-tested Traditional Processes

We believe it takes time to make the very best of these two products. We used these formulas to create a luxurious line of hair and body products and found innovative ways to infuse oils with flowers and herbs by using cold-processed methods to preserve the nutrients. The traditional method of 2000 years and the slow-crafted, time-tested traditional processes is one of the philosophical foundation upon which we are built and it is what drives the unprecedented performance of our formulations.

Beauty Redefined:

A versatile, multipurpose serum that nourishes all hair types and textures

Restores Moisture and Confidence:

Helps reduces frizzes, promote healthy hair growth, reduce excessive shedding

A Soothing Mix:

A warm blend of Mediterranean lightweight serum to keep your hair healthy any season

A Clean Beauty Essential:

A versatile beauty oil made with integrity and love. *Grow lustrous healthier hair



Italian Trulli

Italian Trulli

Italian Trulli

Italian Trulli

Italian Trulli

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Our story


Olive oil, flowers, and herbs have been used for millennia by
people along the Mediterranean to enhance beauty and health.

Today, Kazani’s co-founders, the father-daughter team of Dal
and Selmin Karatas, use Mediterranean-inspired ingredients
to create luxurious and beneficial products that enhance skin and

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