Join the Kazani Beauty and Wellness squad

What’s included:

  • Access to discounted products
  • Get rewards for content collaborations
  • Features on our social and digital channels
  • Long-term partnerships that encourage growth for you and your social platforms
  • Exclusive access to the best hair health tips

We Are Looking For Beauty Micro Influencers!

What kind of content?

We are looking for hair tutorials. Wash day, protective styling, nighttime Moisture routines, early morning hair prep, straightening your hair and easy DIY’s. You can do it all with our products with video & photos!

How many followers do I need to have?

You don’t need many at all. We just want to see you have the skills needed for the gig. Most of the content you create will be used on Kazani Beauty social media, website, email and private community. You can definitely post on your social media if you like but it’s not a commission based program.

Do I have to have a certain look?

Kazani products are gender neutral so it can be anyone who is 18 years old or above. The influencer is naturally beautiful, loves wellness, or is just starting to immerse in it. We are looking for fun people. We want naturally curly hair, locs, straight hair, silver hair you name it. You will represent our community, so we need brand ambassadors are dynamic as they are.

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