What is Kazani?

Kazani is a copper kettle that has been used for centuries for crafting remedies and formulas to nurture body and hair over an open fire.

What can I expect when first trying Kazani products?

You can expect clean and voluminous hair. You will notice less lather than with traditional shampoos and body washes.

What makes Kazani different from other oil-based hair products?

The majority of other oil-based products use chemical fillers and silicones, which coat your hair, providing short-term results. Kazani products are made with natural oils. It deeply penetrates the scalp while smoothing the cuticle to create lustrous and healthy hair.

Where are Kazani products made?

Our ingredients are sourced from the Aegean and all over the world. Then the magic happens: we collect all these ingredients, formulate and create all Kazani products in the USA.

Does Kazani test on animals?

Kazani does not test products on animals, nor use any animal proteins in the making of any Kazani products.

Why is Kazani Ancient Formula Lost In Time so thick?

It is thick due to its rich and concentrated formulation. The concentrated nature allows for a product that deeply penetrates to hair.

Is Kazani safe to use on children’s hair?

Yes, Kazani is safe to use on everyone’s hair in your entire family, including children. However, you know your children best. If allergies or sensitivities are present, we recommend trying a sample first.

How should I store Kazani?

Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct light, at 70-degree room temperature. If you are in a hotter area, you can store them in the refrigerator.

Does Kazani solidify or liquefy?

It is happiest when kept at room temperature. Kazani may liquefy in warm temperatures. The change in consistency will hurt quality. Do you prefer your Kazani solid more solid? Then pop it in the refrigerator for a bit! To quickly restore a solidified product, take a quarter-sized amount and dilute it with h20, nature’s best resource and apply it on damp hair.

What is the shelf life for Kazani?

It has a shelf life of approximately 12 months.

Kazani decreases in size as time goes by. Is this normal? Why does it shrink?

Yes, this is normal. It decreases in size because it is concentrated and it absorbs all the water.

Do your products contain fragrances?

No, we do not have any fragrances.

What does Kazani with Pine Oil mean?

We have aromatic pine oil extract with our Kazani Ancient Lost In Time with Pine Oil offering a Pine Oil scent.

What hair types will benefit Kazani products?

Our products work for all hair types. For short hair, you can use it as a shampoo or a leave-in after towel drying. For long hair, use products twice a week as a deep-conditioning mask before washing your hair or as a leave-in after towel drying.

How can I use Kazani?

This potent protection gives flexibility in various ways. Below are some instructions on ways to use Kazani.

1. Damp hair and take a quarter-sized amount into the palm of your hand. Wet product and apply to wet scalp and spread evenly and over your entire scalp. For best results, leave it for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. (3-5 minutes minimum)Apply your favorite shampoo before rinsing. Rinse after shampoo. Follow with using your conditioner.

2. An alternative approach is to apply Kazani as a sheer shampoo for those who have short hair.

3. A third process is to use it as a leave-in product. After conditioning, towel dry hair and dilute a pea-sized amount of Kazani with water, and massage the scalp when hair is damp. In this way, Kazani will stay longer on the scalp.

Is Kazani affiliated with other websites?

To assure the highest quality you should purchase only direct from our website.

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