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Men Hair Trends This Summer

We are already in the middle of July and this summer men have a myriad of trending hairstyles. These hair trends range from short, long, and some even dyed. Many celebrities are also in the groove rocking with these new summer hair trends. Below are some hair trends for Summer 2022.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a popular hair trend this summer. Due to the summer heat, those who have long hair can sweat a lot and feel irritated. With the buzz cut, they won’t feel as hot and won’t have to keep up with maintenance.

Dying Hair with Designs

Many people are dying their hair and adding designs like spiderman symbols.

Mullet Hairstyle

Men have been getting mullets and styling them in many ways. ”The return of the mullet isn’t that surprising. It is a haircut that takes confidence and zest to pull off.” (Renwick, F. (2022, April 26) Mullets were a popular daring haircut back in the 1990s. Ironically it rose again. Mullets are very out of the norm so it was a shocker seeing its return. The mullet hairstyle has returned by adding a spin to the hair trend. They are also adding dye and changing up the texture of their mullet.

Messy Hair-Look

Men this summer have a messy hair look. The messy just out-of-bed look is a popular hair trend as many want to go outside without spending hours on their hair.” Medium-length messy hair is an incredibly popular choice among messy hairstyles. You’ll can see medium length messy hairstyles at the beach, in the club, at the office, pretty much wherever you go.” (D’MARGE. (2022, March 26) It’s a hair trend that can be seen in professional settings and casual wear such as the store or the beach. Men get to stay looking well-groomed while feeling comfortable. On days that certain men have this cut and want to not be messy, applying Kazani hair soothing serum will tame the frizz and help fix your issue.

Dying Hair

Dying hair is a growing and easily accessible trend that anyone can join in. Many are adding their patterns or just going with bright colors. Some are even shaving their hands with these bright colors. “Over the past few years, there has been a growing number of men dying their hair. From Frank Ocean to Zayn Malik, dudes are changing up their look with colorful dye jobs opting for frosty gray tresses and pale pink buzz cuts.” (Euse, E. (2018, June 11) Celebrities are also joining the trend further popularizing the hair trend. Before it was out of the norm especially for some men as many didn’t think it was ”acceptable”. This hair trend is adding confidence while breaking norms that many men might feel as if it is empowering.



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