What Is Hair Porosity And How You Can Get Better Healthier-Looking Hair

Hair porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Having a good ability to absorb and retain moisture is important for healthy hair growth and healthy hair. 

The porosity of your hair can be due to genetics. To enhance your hair’s porosity, you can start by using moisturizing products. Another way to enhance your hair naturally would be to properly take care of your hair. “How your hair absorbs and retains moisture is largely due to genetics. So, if low porosity hair runs in your family, there’s a good chance you’ll have low porosity hair, too. But while genetics can affect porosity, it isn’t the only contributing factor.’’ (Higuera, V. (2019, August 22). Genetics plays a huge factor in the type of hair a person will have. The best approach would be to know the type of hair you have. The second step is to know how to take care of it.

How to Check Your Hair Porosity

Checking your hair porosity is very easy. The first step is to shampoo and rinse your hair. The second step is to place a single strand of hair into a cup of water. Pay attention to whether the hair strand floats at the top or sinks at the bottom. Your hair likely has low porosity if the hair strand floats to the top before sinking. It’s also likely that your hair has normal porosity if the hair strand floats somewhere in the middle. Finally, you might have high porosity if the hair strand sinks to the bottom. “You can also test your porosity level by running a finger down a strand of your hair. Low porosity hair will feel smooth, whereas high porosity hair will feel rough and bumpy because the cuticles are open.’’  (Higuera, V. (2019, August 22).  Checking your hair porosity can also be as easy as running your hair with your finger. It’s very important to know which type of hair porosity you have so you may improve and get the highest quality of hair.

Low Porosity

When people have low hair porosity there are things they can do and change to improve it. Applying conditioner to wet hair is important. Thus, a start to better hair porosity might be to apply hair conditioner. “Apply conditioner to hair that’s already wet. Diluting the conditioner may make it easier to be absorbed into your hair.’’ (Higuera, V. (2019, August 22). Simply not applying something as simple as hair conditioner could be causing one to have low hair porosity. Some hair conditioners can be packed with protein and agents specifically made for your hair which would lead to nice and smoothed hair. By not applying conditioner to your hair, one may miss on these agents and protein. Other products are built to improve the rate of healthy hair growth that one could be missing out on by not using. Kazani healthy hair growth serum may help improve the texture of your hair and length, many other products as well offer different solutions. Hence, it is best to see what your hair issue is and look for products to start making improvements to your hair.

Maintaining a daily hair care regimen with products and washing routines is essential for healthier-looking hair. Trying out products such as Kazani Hair Serum in your daily hair care routine may not only give you healthier-looking hair but it may also give you longer and overall higher quality hair. Applying the correct product isn’t the only thing to be cautious of. There are things you should not do. It’s a good idea to stop habits that are irritating or damaging your hair. For instance, excessive hair dye, washing hair every day, not washing your hair enough, keeping your hair in tight buns are simple things that can hurt your hair. “While dyeing hair is a common practice, it can damage the hair shaft, making it fragile and more prone to breakage.’’ MediLexicon International. (n.d.). When bad habits or bad common practices aren’t put an end to, your hair can suffer. This can leave with low porosity hair. It’s always recommended to get educated on your hair, try out products that work for your, stop bad hair practices, and in time your hair quality should improve. Good luck to those looking to get better hair porosity and healthier-looking hair!


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