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Mediterranean Grown Beauty

With the beautiful Aegean basin being one of the most divine places on earth from healthy food to the luxury lifestyle, it has also been a bedrock of one of the oldest civilizations, overlaying an enormous amount of species in 24 countries. The extravagant Aegean is filled with jewels from edible foods such as golden olives to amazing energizing herbs to alluring and delightful aromatic flowers. The dry hot summers and the rainy winters, this climate is a sanctuary for 10% of the globe’s species.


Aegean forests are generally constituted of magnificent broad leaf trees, such as the oak tree. On the other hand, the exquisite olive tree has been one of the earliest trees since antiquity ranging from 2,000 year old. There are some trees that are still out there until the present day lying under the sun.


How do you make Olive Oil?


  • The fascinating olive trees need to be grown in hot and dry climate such as the Mediterranean. Winters are generally rainy and summers are dry.
  • Once the trees grow, a fastidious person should pick out the olives because it takes 10 pounds of olives to produce 1 liter of the golden jewel. The next step is to lay them onto cloths or paper magazines.
  • Once they are apart, wash these golden jewels thoroughly.
  • These gems must be pressed for it to form into a thick paste. The thick golden liquid is ready to be served.












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