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Brushing Your Hair

When we give product demos in stores and speak with customers, the number one concern customers are asking is: “How do I get voluminous hair?”

There are many factors that play a role for healthier and thicker hair. One factor is brushing it the right way.

First of all, it is recommended not to brush your hair when it is wet. Most of us are used to brushing our hair from top down as it seems the right and easy way. However, it is advised to brush it from bottom up. If you have long hair, it might be tangled. By starting low it gives way to clear out the tangles and it also clears the way for knots to get through. In this way, there is no risk of pulling your follicles out of its root.

Kazani’s ultimate goal is to have a healthy scalp because the root is the cause of everything. When the root is healthy, it will lead the way to healthy hair. By applying Kazani, the scalp is healthy and it will be nourishing your scalp and hair. This is also the reason why you should be attentive to the roots while brushing. The oils on the scalp nourishes the hair and we want to drag the oils of the scalp through the rest of your hair. This will nourish your hair and do not worry, because it will not look greasy. As a matter of fact, it will make your hair shiny.

We recommend wide bristle hair combs to untangle the hair. One of our favorite brand for hair brush is Mason Pearson. Investing in a good hair brush that will last a long time is also key.

As a result, it is vital to look through different angles to have healthy and voluminous hair and brushing it the right way is one of them.







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