The advantages of blowdrying and not blowdrying your hair.

Blow Dry Hair or Not?

Hair matters. My passion with hair has began when I was 9 years old. How can anyone question the creative credentials of a woman or man with great hair? What is the best way to get lustrous and gorgeous hair?


Acquiring great hair is a two step process. Washing + Blow drying. Blow drying your hair delivers maximum fashion impact with a bit of effort. Is blow drying a necessity? Yes, it can be part of the whole process.


Going back to the first step, we have mentioned in multiple social media accounts that it is best to wash your hair only two times a week. This is a great way to have power hair.


The second step, air-drying hair, is a time consuming process. Depending on your time, if you’re in a rush (which many of us are) and you decide to blow dry your hair, try not to overheat or stress the strands. Hence, to make your hair as lustrous as possible, if you go ahead and air-dry, do not over brush it. (In our previous blog, we mentioned how to brush your hair to protect your hair from tangles.)


How to blow dry correctly


It is recommended to use a diffuser to protect the hair against heat. The next step would be to air-dry with towel 70-80% of the way. Then, blow dry hair 6 inches away from your hair. Continuously move your blow dryer from one part of your hair to another continuously and keep the blow-dryer on the low. For best results, do not press the high temperature button.


Since it takes time for your hair to dry naturally, (especially those with long hair) it is best to use an anti-micro fiber towel. Our favorite towel is by Martha Stewart as it absorbs wet hair very easily. Our second favorite towel is peshtemal. It is light and very easy to carry around and absorbs water quite easily and for those of us who have space problems in our closets, it doesn’t keep up space. Also, blot your hair with the towel very gently.


If you want to create textures and curls, you can braid your hair while it dries. This will preserve your kinks while maximizing bounce-before brushing tight coils into floaty cascades. Bravely draw on deep wells of pure healthy hair and create your own little halo of magic.



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