Hairstyles and Hair Tools in the Ancient Roman Period -

Hairstyles and Hair Tools in the Ancient Roman Period

Since the dawn of civilization to this day, hair has always been worn in assorted styles. It varies from short, long, curled, cut, wavy, straightened, braided, dyed, adorned with pins, extensions.


How did hairstyles evolve?: Hairstyles were under the influence of prior cultures, religion, and art. Hairstyles tells a myriad of stories about that culture’s era. One evidence can be seen from ancient coins during the Roman period.


It was seen as a social status for the upper class whereas the poor would wear their hair more naturally. Elite women would spend hours in front of the mirror working on their hair.

Even though hairstyles in the Roman period changed sporadically, there are some of them that stayed constant and were used on a regular basis. Bun, beehive, helmet, hair bouquet or pillbox.


Are there any similarities from the Roman period and the present day?

Yes. One of the most important similarity in the Roman era and the present day is that it expresses one’s identity. Individuality, even within societal expectations was prevalent then as it is now. A popular hairstyle is fishtail braids. The hand motion for fishtail braids that we make today are the same as girls and women 2,500 years ago.


Hair tools used 2,000 years ago: There are a couple of hair tools being displayed in museums. These are of the following: Comb was made of wood. Perfume bottles and hairpins were made of ivory with statues in the end. Men and women perfumed their hair by placing the pins in the bottle and perfume would be applied to their hair and the pins were placed in their head as decoratives. In this way, the scent of perfume would stay for a longer period of time.


Hairstyles are ever changing. Today some trending hairstyles are unicorn hair colors. One thing that will stay the same is, in every era, hair has been considered a symbol of youth, beauty, power and most importantly, an expression of self identification.


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