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Kazanibeauty brings the Mediterranean to NYC

You really can have it all when it comes to beauty— clean, conscious, cruelty-free and luxurious care. Just because we are all in lock down and looking to do better when it comes to our wellness and health, we need not relegating ourselves to avocado face masks and coconut oil from a can as a massage oil. Yes, there are bad actors in beauty. Too many brands still do things the old way, putting profits before people, animal rights and the environment. But there are options, a growing number of them, and new independent brands like NY-centric brand KIERIN NYC and Phlur for fragrance and Clean Beauty Collective and Kazani Beauty. Brands that are doing good while helping you smell good, look good and feel good too.
Kazani Beauty fits this definition. A family run business, founded by French Chef, Dal, and now run by his daughter Selmin Karatas. Building upon ancient secret recipes handed down from generation to generation, the brand has now evolved into modern hair and body care solutions.

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