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We are proud to say that our heritage is rich with tradition. We take all the expertise and knowledge from generation to generation, adapting it into something new for the modern age–a family run business built upon an ancient recipe handed down since time immemorial which has been evolving into today’s Kazani beauty solutions using flowers & herbs as well infusing oils in order preserve nutrients inside every jar or bottle you’ll find here at kazanibeauty.com

Growing up in a big city, Selmin spent her childhood on the streets of Manhattan. Her mother took her to Central Park every day but that wasn’t enough for this young girl who longed to be free from concrete buildings and get some fresh air while still being surrounded by nature’s beauty- so she would go to her parents’ roots in Turkiye in the summertime where they were able to enjoy life away from all its hustle bustles! With an entrepreneurial drive like hers it didn’t take too long before academia came calling as well; studying business administration at Berkeley College (in international!), graduating top of class.

When she was just 9 years old, her love of creativity and musical talent led to a desire for expression. With this in mind; after witnessing how the people from small villages used cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with other Mediterranean extracts as well (a tradition dating back 2000 years), it became clear that preserving nature is an important goal–and one which can be done through artistry like hers!

Her father’s old recipe was the inspiration for her dream, and she made it happen. Now every day people all over enjoy hair serum and calming oil products containing  olive oil derived from trees planted seeds more than 2000 years ago in the Mediterranean by an ancient Mediterranean culture unknown to modern man!

Ali, who trained as a French Chef under the world-renowned chef Paul Bocuse was stressing the importance of fresh ingredients for nutrition and taste. Working in Manhattan for nearly 42 years at some New York’s high end eating establishments such 21 Club (a restaurant where many celebrities have dined), American Express etc., he has prepared meals that are fit for politicians or royalty but most importantly – fresh & great tasting food!

In addition to this professional career distinction- Ali also owned his own  restaurant both before & after working within notable kitchens like those mentioned above. He wanted to pass on the family recipes that come from his heritage and after retirement, he set out do make a difference in natural beauty. First by studying how different generations had used flowers & herbs for hair (and skin) over time; then using expertise passed down through father and daughter relationships-he created alternative ways of restoring your locks naturally!

Kazani is an innovative company that bridges the gap between traditional formulas and modern practices. Our goal here is to share time-tested Mediterranean beauty treatments with rejuvenating properties for men’s skin; Kazani wants people not only look good but feel great too!




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