Hair Serum Oil

What is a hair serum oil?

According to, “Hair oiling is the practice of pouring oil onto hair and massaging it into the scalp to increase moisture, luster, and shine. Hair oiling may soften the hair and provide vitamins and minerals that get stripped from frequent washing.” (1) 

Why would we apply a hair serum oil? 

These days, it is the trend. However, a hair serum has been around for a long time. According to, hair oil has been around since the Ayurvedic ages. “This practice has been used in India for centuries and is recommended in Ayurvedic medicine.” (1) 

The hair serum oil is vital for healthy hair growth. Kazani Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum are made of Cruelty-free plant-based formulas aimed to give your hair the nourishment and shine it needs. Since your body is the largest organ, the scalp is also considered skin. (For those of us who have hair on our scalp, we might not think of it as skin, but your scalp is skin.) Feed your scalp with nutrient-dense plant-based ingredients from nature.

Not only is it vital to use a good hair serum oil, but there are other ways in which you can help take care of your tresses. Before we get into the steps of growing healthy hair, we want to give you scientific benefits and meanings from scientific journals of the benefits of a good hair serum oil.

Why is a hair serum oil important to use?

According to, “We are exposed to lots of chemicals from our environment either knowingly or unknowingly. These chemicals enter our body and induce damage to different organs. One such organ affected is the hair. Hair damage weakens them and causes hair fall. To reverse this damage, the nourishment to hair has to be reinstated which is possible by increasing blood circulation to the scalp and also by massaging with oils that provide external nutrients. This chapter provides a list of plant drugs that can be incorporated in hair oils, along with their beneficial effects for hair.” (2)

Below are a couple of steps you can take to grow healthy hair:

Treat Hair With Tender Loving Care

When you wet your hair, it is inevitably more prone to breakage if you brush it. That’s why, it is best to pat dry your hair with a peshtemal towel, which is very light. It might be hard to find. So, we also recommend a micro-fiber towel. Then softly pat and wrap hair with it. Another thing you can do is to use a wide-tooth comb when you brush your hair while it’s wet. If you have the time, wait until you brush your hair when it’s dry. Start brushing your hair from down and go your way up. Don’t forget to apply a hair mask weekly. Use a serum hair oil like Kazani Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum on your ends. Also, when applying shampoo and conditioner, make sure in the back of the ingredients that it does not include sulfates. It should write sulfate-free. Also, sleep on a silk pillowcase. Your hair will love this! 


Balanced Diet

Make a colorful plate when eating food. Rainbow foods are nutrient-dense and have many vitamins. We love the Mediterranean diet which includes omega-3 fatty acids with olive oil. Foods with Vitamin E is essential as it helps stimulate the natural production of natural oils on both the hair and scalp. Vitamin E and other essential nutrient-dense foods may also aid in preventing or reducing hair damage.



Minimize Heat Styling

Heat styling tools such as curling or flat irons or blowdryers can cause hair damage when used excessively. As heat causes the water in the cortex of your hair shaft to expand, heat styling tools lift the cuticle layer, stripping natural oils and moisture from the hair shaft, which then leaves hair in a vulnerable state. Avoid heat styling when possible to further minimize heat damage. Summer is here and it is easier to air dry your hair. If you want to dry your hair, then blow-dry 1 foot away from your hair on a low button. 


Trim Your Hair

Did you know that getting a regular haircut every six to eight weeks helps with helping to promote hair growth? Make a note on your calendar and don’t forget to trim your tresses. 


Nourish Hair With a Hair Serum Oil

Not only do you want length on your hair which is done with trimming tresses, but nourishing hair with a hair serum oil is also key. Attaining lustrous hair starts with healthy hair follicles — and hair serum oil can help you achieve that. 


How to Apply Hair Serum Oil says to “Apply oil on your scalp and massage with fingertips using a circular motion.”

Take a dropper of hair serum oil and pour it on your palms.

Apply the hair serum oil to your hair:

  1.         Cover your hair with a microfiber towel.
  2.         Leave hair serum oil on overnight. (If you do not have the time to do so, apply the hair serum oil an hour before you take a shower.) 
  3.         Shampoo hair while dry.
  4.         Rinse hair thoroughly. 
  5.         Condition hair as normal. (1) 




Hair Oiling Benefits, Choosing Oil, and How to Do It ( (1) (2)

Authors: Kalyani, Barve, and Apurva Dighe


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