Scalp Serum

Our scalp serum is specifically designed to be a mother hen and care for your hair, nurturing it to its best version and bringing shine to it that turns heads!

Kazani scalp serum works simply but effectively. All you need to do is put a tiny drop onto the tips of your fingers and massage it into your scalp while your hair is still damp. You can also apply it on scalp or hair while your hair is dry. We recommend you use our serum every other shower, however, it isn’t high maintenance and can be used while you’re on a tight schedule where you need to shower and leave, perhaps best for new parents, or parents overall. Our scalp serum is for everybody. It also tailors to singles and everybody else who needs it. 

A person’s hair is the first thing we notice about them, a feature that can make or break an outfit. Therefore it is in our best interest to help you make a lasting impression, making sure that your gorgeous hair can’t escape their mind the entire day. 

Whether your hair is silky, straight, or in beautifully tight curls; natural as the day you popped out of your mama’s womb or damaged due to heat or experimenting with crazy colors that elders probably resented you for, our product is for you! Catering to all and not letting any customer feel left out in a corner with dull, painful to look at the hair. 

Our proprietary scent will take you to the Mediterranean, the citrusy mix of tangerines, oranges, and lemons will soothe your hair and will take you to the breeze of the beautiful seas in the beautiful Mediterranean. While the scent is overall gorgeous, it is not that of an overwhelming mooch, almost like a whisper on your scalp, discreetly reminding you of its presence. 

Kazani, as a brand, ensures that all its ingredients are natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. We want to protect customers from unwanted toxins overall, making the brand fall under the “Clean Beauty” category. 

Hair products may occasionally come in contact with our face, if the products we are using are not composed of natural ingredients the chemicals can result in breakouts, eye and skin irritation, and in worse cases even memory loss. A healthy lifestyle should be prioritized amongst anything else as we only have one body and we must take care of it.  

One ingredient we use is walnut oil. 

“Optimum health is the prime concern in every human’s life!” We all live and we try to live healthy, Nuts are a good source of nutrients that play an important role in the maintenance of overall health. The edible kernel known as the walnut is one of the best nutritious food ones can take regularly for better health due to its highly rich nutritious content and because of its amazing health benefits essential for a disease-free healthy life. Walnuts are rich in calories, vitamin E, and fatty acids like the Omega 3 fatty acids. All these components present in walnut makes the tree nut a rich source of nutrient food with excellent nutritional benefits. Walnuts possess enormous health benefits provided the consumption is regular in controlled quantity and of course hygiene is of utmost importance which propounds processing of walnuts on modern scientific lines. Walnuts are probably one of the most nutritious nuts available that is why; they are often referred to as the ‘Imperial nut’. Walnut is highly beneficial for skin, hair, healthy heart, type 2 diabetes, reducing obesity, fighting against cancer, stress relaxant, and much more. Keeping all these facts in view, due consideration is demanded towards the progression of Walnuts in the market. This will not only keep rates stable in the market but will facilitate a common person to procure Walnuts as per desire for the upkeep of health. For the hygienic processing of walnut kernels, automation of processing in Walnut Industries is highly required.” (1)


Being a healthy consumer doesn’t only stop at our physical health but the environment as well. 



(1) (PDF) Scientific Processing of Walnuts Necessary for Amazing Health Benefits (

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