Kazani Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum

How To Apply Serum on Scalp

We have been lathering shampoo into our hair for the past 100 years. Before that, people used to apply soap and water. With breakthrough technology and innovation, shampoo and conditioner became the norm and replaced soap. 

Applying shampoo and conditioner has become the norm and it’s any easy ritual. On the other hand, hair serums get a little trickier because, depending on the type of hair and scalp serum, application rules vary. You can read below for a how-to guide to get the most out of the Kazani Hair and Scalp Serum for longer, lusher locks and maintenance of overall hair wellness.

Kazani Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum

To reap the maximum benefits from a hair serum, thoroughly cleanse and condition your hair as you normally would. Scalp Serums are not really effective if your scalp and hair aren’t clean and ready to absorb all the nourishing goodness.

With that being said, there’s no need to wash your hair every day. You can use  Kazani hair serums even on days when you do not have a wash day. In that case, with the days you do not wash, only apply 1 or 2 drops. Also, do not forget to maintain your scalp health and remove buildup regularly. 

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How To Apply Kazani Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum

Below are instructions to apply Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum

  1. Start with dry hair.
  2. Part your hair into between three-six small sections. (This depends on your hair’s needs. However, it is always good to start parting your hair from the forehead going all the way back.)
  3. Start with a dropperful of serum. You can also apply a small pea amount depending on where you need it most.
  4. Focus on applying one to two drops of the serum to trouble areas. Then, apply to the rest of your scalp.
  5. Massage the scalp with your fingertips or after application to increase circulation and amplify results.
  6. After you rinse it with water, add your favorite shampoo. 
  7. Rinse shampoo with water.
  8. Lather your favorite conditioner.
  9. Dry and style your hair as usual.
  10. Repeat daily for best results.

One to two droppers of serum is recommended per application, but the actual amount will vary per individual. For example, people with thinner, finer strands will likely need less. And those that have problem only in certain areas can focus on applying the serum to their problem areas. You are your own doctor. Thus,  you know your hair best than anyone else. Some people use 1 dropper of the serum and apply it all over the scalp. They then take a shower and rinse off the hair serum with shampoo. After applying conditioner, it will have a pre-conditioning effect, thus making the hair more manageable. Other people apply only a pea size amount on problem areas and leave it without washing it. It’s up to you. 

Hair Serums

When it comes to hair serums, we think of it as vital nutrients. Since it is in a serum format, they have more potent concentrations. These ingredient-packed elixirs have many extracts and herbs and flowers in it, around 25 different ingredients! We did this so you can get benefits from all the essential elixirs as this will let it penetrate deep enough to work from the inside out.


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