There are thin hair strands, medium hair strands and thick hair strands.

Your Hair Texture

Mastering the basics is the secret to beautiful hair. Let’s start out from the basics. Let’s define it. What is the texture of your hair?

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Some different kind of brushes you can use for your hairtype.

Brushing Tips

Aren’t there so many brushes that sometimes it gets overwhelming? Depending on the nature of your hair, you might need only one or a few

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Some Hair Tips -

Some Hair Tips

In this post we will speak about a general rule of thumb about hair tips that everyone can benefit from.  Wash hair less often. Hair

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Some fun facts about hair

Your Hair

What is your hair made of? Human hair is made of a protein called keratin. The visible part of the hair is called the shaft.

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Hairstyles in the 1910s -

Hairstyles in the 1910s

Legendary beauty with candy-box good looks and sweet nature, the 1910’s were all about short hair and elaborate headbands with ideal looks. Hair was a

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Detox your hair the right way.

Detox Hair

You see multitude of detox driven food trends emerge almost everyday stating it enhances your well-being or guarantees a thinner body. You also see tons

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Read some hairstyles you can apply on your hair.

Autumn Hairstyles

Simple is the new style for this fall’s hair fashion trends. One way is a ponytail with a bow on it. It makes your hair

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