One of the first baths in history is the hammam that started out in the Ottoman Empire.

The Hammam

Hi everyone, Rather than talk about today’s pandemic, which is very overwhelming, I would like to share with you how people kept themselves clean and

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Kazani Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum is a multipurpose serum applied in scalp, hair, eyebrows and nails.

Multipurpose Serum

Happy New Decade! With the new decade, we launched a multipurpose serum for the hair, scalp and eyebrows.  We did this because we believe that

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Kazani is talking about Ancient Greek Hairstyles.

Ancient Greece Hairstyles

Each month I would like to speak about ancient hairstyles in different civilizations. This month I would like to speak about the Ancient Greek Hairstyles.

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Kazani talks about Ancient Hair Styles.

Hairstyles in Ancient Rome

  Just like today, in Ancient Rome hairstyles became a person’s identity. Some simple hairstyles would be women wearing their hair down. They would use

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We have some braiding techniques for you to try out.


If you have long hair and would like to give your hair some rest and protect it from toxic environments, braids are a good way.  

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Some hair facts you should know are written in this blog.

Fun Hair Facts

Here are some fun hair facts. I listed them below: -Each strand of hair can contain 14 different elements including traces of gold. -The amount

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Our ingredients are  based on 2000 years of time-honored formulas.

Our Ingredients

Kazani is a Mediterranean hair and scalp oil that’s made from a formula developed over 2,000 years ago. This formula is credited with helping to

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