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One of the first baths in history is the hammam that started out in the Ottoman Empire.

The Hammam

Hi everyone,

Rather than talk about today’s pandemic, which is very overwhelming, I would like to share with you how people kept themselves clean and bathed in the early ancient times. 

Turkish baths, called hammam is an extreme clean bath. It has been around since the 7th Century. Not only was it a place of purifying the body but also events such as bridal showers and births are celebrated. 

People still go to hammams these days. My first experience was when I first went in my 20s. The steambath as you can imagine is extremely hot and my face turned red at that moment. If you have any kind of health issues, you need to ask your physician before you enter. They gave us a towel and we brought our own sandals. We also brought our own mitt which is pretty abrasive to exfoliate the skin. It’s not like the mitts in the U.S. It’s more rough but works out perfectly as you are in the bath. The attendants srub your body and you can see all the dead cells removed which is very intriguing. Anyway, we gathered at a hot steam room with a large marble stone at the center and  lay as they administer massages. We finally have a cool room for resting.




Resource: http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20121129-the-origins-of-bathhouse-culture-around-the-world

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