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Eyebrow Treatment

I apply the Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum on my eyebrows every morning and night. Finding a morning routine that brings focus isn’t a one size fits all. It’s about curating your own personal oasis. 

How does a beauty founder’s day start?

I stay as clean as possible from what I consume to what I put on my face, body and hair. After taking a morning shower, I apply a rose tonic and my own home made face cream. I then apply a drop of the liquid elixir with a dab on each eyebrow. I let it sit the whole day and I do not wash it out. Make sure to just apply only a pea-size. 

What I like about the Intensive Serum is with its 28 all natural ingredients, I feel good that I have done something for myself on a positive note each day.  

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