Some hair facts you should know are written in this blog.

Fun Hair Facts

Here are some fun hair facts. I listed them below:

-Each strand of hair can contain 14 different elements including traces of gold.

-The amount of weight of an entire head of hair can support up to 2 elephants.

-All of the hair follicles were formed when you were a fetus (5 months)

-Healthy hair can be stretched to 30% long when it is wet. 

-Average human sheds 100 – 150 strands of hair a day.

-If you counted the growth of all the hairs on an average person’s head, in 1 year it would equal to over 10 miles of hair growth.

-The only part of the hair that is not dead is within the scalp.

-A hair follicle will replace a new strand of hair about 20 times in a lifetime.





Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash


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