Beauty Brand Founders Ulta New Conscious Beauty Initiative -

Beauty Brand Founders Ulta New Conscious Beauty Initiative

                         Tina Müller posted on LinkedIn

Ulta is a huge company, and one of the leaders in the beauty industry. The fact that they are following these guidelines shows that this will be the new normal for beauty companies from now on. As far as I see it, many indie beauty brands are already following these guidelines much earlier as it is in their core branding.

I also love the fact that beauty companies will need to use sustainable packaging as environmental pollution is becoming an imminent problem for the world and for our future generations. Ulta Beauty made a big move stating that they will use recycled or bio-sourced materials to recyclable and refillable products on shelves by 2025, which indicates the industry will have a total change in the way they do business from manufacturing to packing the products.

As an indie beauty brand, we’ve been trying to execute the five Conscious Beauty initiatives from the day we started our company. With the new Conscious Beauty initiative, this will be another door for clean beauty brands who have the same values to try to get into the door as a clean beauty brand and sell their products.

Ulta Beauty also formed The Conscious Beauty Advisory Council. This is an excellent idea because they will have outside people who are experts in the beauty industry advising on current issues and trying to solve problems as they arise and, lastly, taking accountability as a company. This is such a huge leap, and I believe it will gain positive traction and change the beauty industry permanently.

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