Some tricks to do on your hair during the holiday season.

Tricks to Voluminous Hair for The Holidays

This time of year is supposed to be festive and fun. Are you going to a holiday party, attending a cocktail event, going to a wedding and want to look your best? The first part people see is your face and let’s not forget the hair. The way you put your hair whether it be up or down makes a statement. How do you want to look and feel? A voluminous hair has been known for youth and beauty throughout centuries. In this case, there are some easy ways to create volume. For quick and voluminous hair, here are some quick tips that could give your hair a voluminous look and make you the star of the night.

Turn your head down and blow dry hair upside down with a brush when you get out of the shower. When you are finished blow drying hair, turn back up and you will see the difference.

Do you ever go to beauty supply stores where they sell those doughnut shaped hair accessories? These pretty little things are a perfect way to help increase your hair size. When used on your head, the foam kind will trick everyone into believing you have a lot of hair. 

What kind of brush should you use? In our previous blogs, we mentioned the Mason Pearson brush is the way to go as it pulls the oils from your scalp and gives your hair a natural shine. For fuller appearing hair, a round brush is the way to go. Before your big night out, wrap each section of hair around the brush, lift that part of the hair and make sure to aim your blow-dryer at the roots.

Your hair color: It tells a lot about you. Choose your hair color carefully and wisely. It is always best to ask your hairstylist what color would best suit you. On the other hand, what is the best color for your hair color to have a more voluminous look? It is said that it is a light to medium brown. Why? It will make hair look denser without drawing attention to the scalp.

After you take a shower and blow dry, which part do you leave your hair? In the center or on the side? You probably have a favorite or special part of your hair that you normally part your hair. Flip your favorite part of the hair to the other side. Since your hair is used to being on that side it likes to fall naturally. The issue is that since it is always falling on the usual side, your hair lies the most flat and you’re training it to stay that way. On the other hand, flipping your usual part to the other side creates instant volume and makes your hair look voluminous.

Tease that hair: When you do that, do not do it over aggressively. What should you do? You can actually create soft volume by back-brushing the roots, using a large paddle brush instead.

Hot Rollers: It might be old school but hot rollers are cool! There’s no special technique needed. All you do is throw them in while you’re doing your makeup and after twenty minutes, you’ll have volume in your hair. If you want your volume to last throughout the night, the best bet is to hairspray each section before rolling. (Try to get natural hairspray) Make sure to let the rollers cool before taking them out in order to have a lasting effect that would go throughout the night.

Some tips for the long run:

Scalp Massage: As in many contents that we write in social media, we indicate the importance of massaging the scalp. Take all ten fingertips and massage from front to back 10 times so you won’t break up the hair when your hair is wet.





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