Detox your hair the right way.

Detox Hair

You see multitude of detox driven food trends emerge almost everyday stating it enhances your well-being or guarantees a thinner body. You also see tons of anti-aging cream advertisements to have younger looking skin. There are many commercials of new hair products but very few tips on detoxing hair. If you can detox your face and body you can also detox your hair!

How can you transform the everyday hair into a celebratory occasion?

Taking simple steps to detox hair is an easy task. Our mantra is to be simple just like our ancestors lived 2,000 years ago. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as excessive styling and coloring can lead to dull hair. It can also lead to a loss of volume, breakage, and split ends. What happens next?  It turns into a vicious cycle because hair can grow in thinner and weaker.

What is the solution? A good remedy is an easy detox. It is wise to cleanse, treat, and cut back on heat.

Below are some quick and easy beauty secrets preparations and best-in-class beauty trends that will inspire you to discover your beauty roots.

– Hot-tool detox, try avoiding blow dryers and curling irons for a month.

– Try to wash your hair two times a week.

– Healthy hair evolves from the scalp. Apply hair oil and leave it on scalp overnight once a week.

Your hair is the only true crown you have. Take good care of your hair because you are worth it.



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