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Did you know that olive oil has been used more than a Millenia? “It has been found even in the earliest writings in Greece, Linear B tablets, which describe the uses of olive oil in Mycenaean Greece (c. 1,600 to 1,100 B.C.E.) (1)”

Myths have been said that the Greek Gods have been using olive oil for body way back in the days. Not only did the people in the Mediterranean applied olive oil to their food as part of a meal, but they also used it for other functions. “It was perfumed and worn on special occasions, including while attending a symposium.” The olive oil was also used for cosmetic and aromatic purposes. (1)  

Homer called it “liquid gold.” 

According to Science Direct, (www.sciencedirect.com) “Wrinkles, xerosis, and pruritis can be treated with molecules found naturally in olive oil which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.” (2) Another research article, “study suggests that the incorporation of the olive oil-loaded particles into a cream formulation provides strong moisturizing properties and a photoprotective potential when applied to healthy subjects.” (3)

I also found out that while I was out at the seaside of the Mediterranean, the people who live in the villages there, particularly in Turkey, apply olive oil for body in conjunction with St. John’s Wort flower. They have been applying olive for body for hundreds of years. It came to my attention that each household keeps a special product, in their bathroom cabinet. I was astounded when I heard that. Knowing that time-honored technique has been used for years with the science-backed up in the articles above, we wanted to come up with an approach to use olive oil for body. After testing many times, we decided the best place to get our St. John’s Flower is from the mountains of the Mediterranean.

Hence, we came up with Calming Oil. It is olive oil for body. What is special about it is, we infuse the special St. John’s Wort Oil Flower and with our cold-pressed method, it has its dye red color by nature.

Kazani Calming Oil has a potent, calming effect for dry, sensitive, or irritated skin. Cold-pressed extra virgin olive, grape seed and rosemary oil help nourish and fortify the skin without the greasiness. Sun-drenched St. John’s Wort Flower softens and helps restore the skin’s natural balance. Massage on body.

Key Benefits:

Helps restore the skin’s natural balance.

Used as massaging oil for aches and pains. 

Used as after shower.

When do I use Kazani Calming Oil?

I find the Calming Oil to be multi-use. It can be used on several occasions. 

I apply Kazani Calming Oil, which is based on, olive oil for body in a couple of instances. For instance, I apply the Calming Oil on my cuticles, hands, and feet before I wear a sock. I apply it to my back when I have a backache or shoulder pain. My mother applies the Kazani Calming Oil when she gets a massage. You can also apply it after you take a shower.

How does it feel to apply the Kazani Calming Oil? 

Even though it is olive oil for body, it does not feel greasy at all. The oil gets absorbed by the skin quickly and easily. Knowing that the body is our largest organ, we must feed it right and take care of our skin. The body is our temple and it is good to treat it right. 

With our Kazani Calming Oil, we donate a part of the proceeds to www.iucn.org It stands for “International Union for Conservancy of Nature.” We specifically requested the organization to donate the proceeds to conserve olive trees in the Mediterranean, which is one of the oldest trees in the world. By saving these trees Kazani will be a bridge that gaps the past to the present and hopefully to the future, to our grandchildren for a more sustainable world. 
















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