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Hairstyles in the 1910s

Legendary beauty with candy-box good looks and sweet nature, the 1910’s were all about short hair and elaborate headbands with ideal looks. Hair was a symbol of women in society just as the corset. 

The style was changing and the height of the previous decades, hairstyles did not set well with the dimensions of the new more classically influenced shapes. Another trend was to wear fake hair.

As men vacated jobs in the industrial age, women took their roles in the industry such as nurses. Women started to get haircuts for practical reasons as they were working in factories. The Madonna hair was the ideal image in men’s mind who went to war.

Curtain hair was the natural development from the two poles of style. The hair was parted through the center it looped over a decorative band. During the evening these bands were adorned with feathers or jewels and the hair was looped low at the sides as it was put back in a loose bun or roll.

In between long and short hair, short hair won the day.  

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