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Hair Wellness

The right approach to a healthy head of hair starts with an understanding that it’s not just about the length or thickness. It also requires proper care and feeding, which begin on day one! Kazani Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum is specifically designed for the pre-shampooing stage in your beauty routine (and why we use natural ingredients) down to our favorite suggested styling tools so you can have salon results at home without all those icky chemicals found harmful towards our environment too often these days.

A lot of factors weigh in on our overall hair wellness. Some situations to look at are below:

The sun is beautiful and necessary hence it is powerful, and it can damage your hair. Protecting yourself from the UV rays with a hat or scarf will help keep those beautiful locks strong! You should also apply sunscreen on all exposed skin for protection against future signs of aging caused by exposure to harmful chemicals in combustion engines like car fumes, gas station pollution etc., which may lead us into premature wrinkles when we’re not careful enough nowadays.

The sun is powerful, and it can have detrimental effects on your skin as well. It’s important to be mindful of the risks involved with excessive UV radiation, which leads not only do burnt scalp but also other serious conditions such as cancerous tumors or wrinkles from spending too much time outdoors during summer months when protections are limited by law in some countries like Australia.

Food for Thought

Your scalp is a very delicate organ. It needs the right food and liquids to keep healthy, but your hair also relies on these same things for its own well-being! Eat more fruits & vegetables which will give you energy without compromising skin health by adding extra UV rays from sunlight exposure while drinking water keeps all parts hydrated so they function properly – including those pesky follicles down below (yay!).

Lastly exercise releases stress like currently known as “the Hair Lies” releasing an overload of growth factors that are essential in helping new cells grow quicker than ever before.



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