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Ancient Greek History of Calming Oil

Body Oil is a product that’s been circulating throughout households for centuries, particularly Aegean Mediterranean villages. Villagers often deemed this product as the best versatile oil or treating a ton of topical issues one may have encountered. Till this day, it is still used as an agent that helps in relieving the body of aches and pain that our bodies experience.


The ‘Yellow Cantoron’

Acknowledged as the ‘magical plant’,hypericum perforatum, better known as St. John’s Wort has a rich history in Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean area. Many generations passed down the stories of the whimsical plant and the benefits it has on the body.

After dissecting St. John’s Wort’s botanical name, hypericum perforatum, Hypericum is derived from the Greek word, “hyperikon”. “Hyper” which means over and eikon meaning image or apparition. This can refer to the belief that this plant is so resilient to evil spirits that a simple sniff can expel it. Perforatum, translating to “punctured” , refers to the tiny dots that are located on the leaves and flowers of the St. John Wort which look like very miniscule holes. These “punctures” are actually tiny dots that release plant oils once pressed.


Usage in the Aegean Mediterranean

The medicinal and spiritual use of St. John’s Wort dates back to 400 B.C. Ancient Greeks and Romans found various uses for this plant such as treating reptile bites, alleviating mental cramps, gastrointestinal issues, wounds, and depression. The first Greek Physicians, Galen and Dioscorides, suggested it should be used as a diuretic, treat menstrual disorders, and wound care.


Many believed that the presence of the St. John’s Wort was bound to drive off any remnants of evil which served as a great barrier for evil spirits and sinful temptations. Greeks and Romans would place sprigs on the statues of their gods with hopes of keeping the evil spirits at bay.


The first written record of the St. John’s Wort is presumably found in Pliny the Elder’s book of natural healing which describes the plant as the seed being of “bracing quality, checks diarrhea, and promotes urine.”


To get the perfect batch of St.John’s Wort flowers, Paracelsus, a swiss physician, recommended that this plant should be picked at sunrise to obtain it in the most nutritious form. The petals excrete most of their red liquid when soaked in olive oil and left for a few days in the sun’s rays. The result of this is a vibrant, thick, red liquid ready for application.


Kazani Calming Oil

At Kazani Beauty, we are meticulous and intentional with all the ingredients in our products. In our calming oil, we incorporate sun drenched St. John’s Wort Flower our Mediterranean ancestors raved about. By adding this product in our (calming) body oil, it softens and helps restore the skin’s natural balance. Not only can our calming (body) oil be used as a skin softener, it can also be applied to the cuticles and feet which help deliver the same results. Having a versatile product derived from a multifaceted ingredient, helps with getting the most usage out of your oil!












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