I believe in the Golden Rule, to treat you, my valued customer as I would want to be treated. Therefore, if you are unhappy with anything you purchase for any reason, Just simply return the unused portion, and I will cheerfully refund your money and we will part friends. I am also happy to trouble shoot with you. For example, the main reason you would have a problem is because of two reasons:

You are using too much of one product, or layering too many products at once. My products are concentrated so you only need a VERY small amount. Simply cut back on the amount of product you are using and it should be fine. You are genuinely allergic to a particular ingredient. When you are allergic to an ingredient, you will experience redness and itching almost immediately.

If you are extremely sensitive to products of any kind, I recommend starting with a sample first, and if it agrees with your skin, then purchase full sizes.

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you may return or exchange the unused portion, in its original container. We will refund your money for the amount stated on your proof of purchase.