Kazani Beauty was founded to create clean and sustainable, multi-use solutions that nourish your hair, including thinning hair and revitalize your skin. 


Kazani is a family run business built upon an ancient recipe that was handed down from generation to generation, each time adapting and evolving into a modern hair and body care solution. We took all the expertise we had and directed to time-tested recipes and began researching generations-old family secrets made from ancient beauty formulas. We studied the Mediterranean herb and flower blends that ancient beauties like Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba relied on to treat and enhance their skin and hair. We found innovative ways to infuse oils with flowers and herbs and use cold-processed methods to preserve the nutrients in every jar and bottle. Our name Kazani is named for the traditional copper kettle that was used for centuries over an open fire, for the slow preparation of products, remedies and formulas. While our products are not made that way, Kazani still symbolizes the thought, consideration and passion behind each and every product we make. They are handcrafted in small batches to preserve their powerful and effective benefits, using only the purest and most potent ingredients, and without artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals so they work with your hair and skin's natural composition.

Our Mission

Our goal here is to share time-tested Mediterranean and modern processes that help revitalize and help rejuvenate healthier-looking hair and skin for men and women. By bringing these marvelous products to people’s daily beauty rituals we are dedicated to the preservation of plants around the world and bring the use of plant based ingredients into peoples' lives. By bringing traditional formulas to the modern world, Kazani aims to be the bridge from the past to the future. When combined, our goal is to enhance the individual's self-confidence and create sustainability for future generations by donating a part of our proceeds to www.iucn.org. Kazani is partnering up with The International Union for Conservation of Nature, an environmental organization to help conserve Mediterranean plants. Combining the latest science with the traditional knowledge of local communities, these projects work to reverse habitat loss, restore ecosystems and improve people’s well-being. The Mediterranean accounts for 40% of the world's oxygen and has a vast amount of species encompassing 25,000. Of all of them, the main crops are olives, vines and cereal. With 24 countries bordering the Mediterranean, Kazani's mission is to conserve the olives as our main ingredient that we put in our luxurious creamy hair products.

Selmin Karatas, Co-Founder

Growing up surrounded by the streets of Manhattan, Selmin spent her childhood in New York. Her mother took her to Central Park everyday but that wasn't enough. She was going back to the Mediterranean every summer as her mother wanted to free them from the concrete buildings and get fresh air. Running barefoot in the grass, picking olives from the trees and learning about the dynamics of rural life, she appreciated nature very much. Born with an entrepreneurial drive, she studied and matriculated with a BBA in International Business and Management from Berkeley College. Her early interest in creative writing and playing the piano professionally at the age of 9 ignited her to use her creativity which led her to help her father create a unique and natural product based on an ancient Mediterranean formula that her father grew up with dating back 2000 years. Witnessing how the people of the small villages made all kinds of products using cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with other Mediterranean extracts, she made it a mission to keep this tradition and pay homage to the land and giving back to nature.


Dal who trained as a French Chef under the world renowned chef Paul Bocuse was stressing the importance of fresh ingredients for nutrition and taste. Working in Manhattan for nearly 42 years for some of New York's high end eating establishments such as 21 Club, American Express, National Westminister Bank and Perigot, he has prepared meals for politicians and celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jacklyn Kennedy, Barbara Streisand, Vernon Jordon, Henry Kissenger, David Rockefeller, Prince Abdul of Jordan, Donald Trump. For a short while he also owned his own restaurant. After retiring, he wanted to bring out the family recipes that comes from his heritage. From generation to generation, now from father to daughter, he began by studying family recipes that had been handed down for generations for hair and skin. Using fresh wild flowers, oils and mountain herbs that have been used for centuries in the Mediterranean, he used his expertise to develop alternative recipes to help restore hair naturally.

Featured Products

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This patent pending* overnight multi-use serum, with plant-based ingredients, hydrates and nourishes the hair from the scalp to promote healthier-looking hair growth and help restore its healthy shine.An artisanal blend of herbs, flowers and cold-pressed walnut and pine oils, our fast-absorbing serum hydrates while helping to fortify thin hair. It helps soothe itchy scalps, decrease flakes, heals split ends, banishes flyaways and restores a healthy shine. Use directly on the scalp and hair to strengthen and protect from pollution and other environmental factors.