What if an ancient Mediterranean remedy was the secret to modern day haircare and body care? Kazani is named after a traditional copper kettle that has been used for centuries for preparing products and creating remedies and formulas to nurture hair and body over open fire. Our Founder Mr. Karatas decided to reformulate this ancient product helped restore her daughter's hair naturally and wanted to continue the family tradition. Known mostly in the Mediterranean part of the world, we want to bring these marvelous products to the Western world. Our company was built on four generations of hair care and body care expertise. From generation to generation, now from father to daughter we are specializing in luxurious personal care products such as hair mask & scalp masks, serums and body oils.  

Withstanding the test of time and containing hundreds if not over 2,000 years of Mediterranean inspired formulation perfection our products are based on a formula infused with flowers and herbs in an innovative way to help encourage volume and stronger hair and great skin.

Kazani provides multipurpose, clean beauty hair and body care products that deliver results and do not compromise your family's health or the environment. Our company's products are made from age-old formulas with plant-based ingredients in cold-processed methods to preserve the nutrients in every jar and bottle so that it nourishes the scalp and skin, helps strengthen the hair follicles for healthy-looking lustrous locks.


Our Mission

Our goal is here to share time-tested Mediterranean and modern processes that help repair, revitalize and help rejuvenate hair and skin for men and women. By bringing these marvelous products to people’s daily beauty rituals we are dedicated to the preservation of plants around the world and bring the use of plant based ingredients into peoples' lives. By bringing traditional formulas to the modern world, Kazani aims to be the bridge from the past to the future. When combined, our goal is to enhance the individual's self-confidence and create sustainability for future generations by donating a part of our proceeds to


D'AlBefore coming up with the idea of helping his daughter help restore her hair naturally and continue the family tradition, D'Al worked as a French chef in some of New York's high end eating establishments such as 21 Club, American Express, National Westminister Bank and Perigot, where he worked under the world renowned chef Paul Bocuse and Former President Charles De Gaulle's chef. For a short while he also owned his own restaurant. He has prepared meals for politicians and celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jacklyn Kennedy, Barbara Streisand, Vernon Jordon, Henry Kissenger, David Rockefeller, Prince Abdul of Jordan, Donald Trump. His hobby is to collect antiques, learn history and different languages, create new recipes and continue to learn about old medicine remedies in the olden times. He has a wife and 3 children.


Born with an entrepreneurial drive, Ms. Karatas sought to create a unique and natural product based on an ancient Mediterranean formula that her father grew up with. Born in Manhattan, N.Y. Selmin has been playing the piano since the age of 9, as she attended The Royal School of Music in London Queen and Queen Mother. She loves learning, reading and researching. She speaks French. Her hobby is to travel to other countries, researching, learning and creative writing. She also loves trying out new food in different restaurants. She graduated from Berkeley College with a BBA in International Business and Management. She currently lives in New York.