Beauty Brand Founders Share What They Think Will Be Important Trends In 2021

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I think 2021 will continue to grow with cleaning products that contain alcohol. Hand sanitizers will have multiple features, which not only sanitize, but also moisturize and maybe some firms will even go so far as to add in anti-aging ingredients. It would be a win-win situation.

Self-care is growing as more people are staying home, and people are taking care of themselves. Hair serums will be on the rise as people can pour serum into the scalp and sleep until the following day and wash it since we have more time to stay in. Skincare will also continue as it is part of self-care. Another self-care ritual might be the rise of vitamins in beauty companies as the pandemic is not stopping and is continuing to rise. Elderberry is a very good ingredient for a vitamin. By staying home, candles with fragrances might continue to rise as well.



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