Love is an important feeling.

Love Yourself

The universe is made of energy and atoms. The vibes we put out into the universe is vital. When you realize the power of your energy you will be aw...

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When it comes to wellness, we discovered everything old is new again.

Green Beauty

Our ideas of beauty have been traditionally handed down for generations. When it comes to wellness, we discovered everything old is new again. Thus...

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What is your New Years Resolution?

My New Years Resolution

We all have some New Year resolutions to carry out for 2018. Self-care and self-focus is our theme for the New Year because we believe beauty comes...

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Read some hairstyles you can apply on your hair.

Autumn Hairstyles

Simple is the new style for this fall's hair fashion trends. One way is a ponytail with a bow on it. It makes your hair look simple and chique. The...

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The advantages of blowdrying and not blowdrying your hair.

Blow Dry Hair or Not?

Hair matters. My passion with hair has began when I was 9 years old. How can anyone question the creative credentials of a woman or man with great ...

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Brushing Your Hair -

Brushing Your Hair

When we give product demos in stores and speak with customers, the number one concern customers are asking is: "How do I get voluminous hair?" Th...

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Read about our brand story in this blog about Kazani and Aegean beauty and ingredients.

Mediterranean Grown Beauty

With the beautiful Aegean basin being one of the most divine places on earth from healthy food to the luxury lifestyle, it has also been a bedrock...

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Here is a direction on how to use Kazani Hair Protection.

Multi-Use Product

|                                                   A source of life and light, a source of well-being, the olive has a...

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Kazani is made up of extra virgin olive oil and other natural ingredients.

Our Ancestors

There are a lot of toxic skin and hair products in the market that are just not good for you. Our products are essentially made of extra virgin oli...

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