Kazani Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum is a multipurpose serum applied in scalp, hair, eyebrows and nails.

Multipurpose Serum

Happy New Decade! With the new decade, we launched a multipurpose serum for the hair, scalp and eyebrows.  We did this because we believe that each...

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Kazani is the name of the copper kettle this amazing hair care product was originally made in. Today, it is produced in the United States from the ...

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Kazani is talking about Ancient Greek Hairstyles.

Ancient Greece Hairstyles

Each month I would like to speak about ancient hairstyles in different civilizations. This month I would like to speak about the Ancient Greek Hair...

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Kazani talks about Ancient Hair Styles.

Hairstyles in Ancient Rome

  Just like today, in Ancient Rome hairstyles became a person's identity. Some simple hairstyles would be women wearing their hair down. They would...

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We have some braiding techniques for you to try out.


If you have long hair and would like to give your hair some rest and protect it from toxic environments, braids are a good way.   There are many in...

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Some hair facts you should know are written in this blog.

Fun Hair Facts

Here are some fun hair facts. I listed them below: -Each strand of hair can contain 14 different elements including traces of gold. -The amount of ...

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We do not use toxins in our formulas and the no no lists are written in this blog.

Our NO-NO Ingredient List

This month our blog will be short and to the point. Not only is our mission to help conserve plants for future generations, but also to help custom...

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Our ingredients are  based on 2000 years of time-honored formulas.

Our Ingredients

Kazani is a Mediterranean hair and scalp oil that's made from a formula developed over 2,000 years ago. This formula is credited with helping to gi...

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There are 5 tips for natural hair care in which you can read in this blog.

5 Tips for Natural Hair Care

If you’ve decided to go all-natural with your hair care routine, then kudos to you! While plenty of people see the appeal in a natural hair care r...

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There are thin hair strands, medium hair strands and thick hair strands.

Your Hair Texture

Mastering the basics is the secret to beautiful hair. Let's start out from the basics. Let's define it. What is the texture of your hair? Is it fin...

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Some different kind of brushes you can use for your hairtype.

Brushing Tips

Aren't there so many brushes that sometimes it gets overwhelming? Depending on the nature of your hair, you might need only one or a few different ...

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