Sustainability with Kazani

Carrying out a conscious beauty initiative, Kazani is a Cruelty-free brand as our mission is to conserve Mediterranean olive plants. These ancient botanicals are a heritage from our ancestors that should be conserved for future generations. Thus, we are carrying out sustainability not only in the way we make the products but also the materials we use to protect our mother earth. 

Sustainable Ingredients: 

We get ingredients from cruelty-free companies.

We get some of our ingredients from the Mountains of the Mediterranean. 

Sustainable Manufacturing:

We are committed to using glass beakers.

Each day, we organize our recycling practices and we allot it properly.

Our extraction processes are regenerative. In this way, we recover as much concentrated extract and organic diluent as possible.

We reduce energy to a minimum. We also reduce water use.

We limit product waste through our choice of machinery and ingredient storage.

We do not use palm oil. Palm oil is a major contributing factor to the destruction of rain forests.

Sustainable Packaging:

We use 100% recyclable shipping boxes with no added dyes.

Our confetti are 100% recyclable and our foam is made from starch and degrades readily in water.

Our packing tape is made with kraft paper and water to reduce plastic usage and ease recycling.

Our seals are 100% compostable.

Our packaging is recyclable.

Our droppers are made of glass with limited plastic usage.

Our bottles are made from glass and are refillable, reusable, and recyclable.



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