My Sleep Rituals

Did you know you can beautify yourself while you sleep? 

Do you sleep on your right side, left side, your back? Some people sleep on their left sides, while others sleep on their back. I prefer to sleep on my right side and that does cause wrinkles if you continuously push your face on one side.

While you sleep, you can cause wrinkles on your face if you sleep on your left side or your right side. Sleeping on one side of your face can cause an asymmetrical face feature in the long run. This will have a toll on your face.

We apply expensive creams and face moisturizers on our face to hydrate and moisturize. We apply toners, sunscreens and anti-aging creams. Of course, this will all look good but how about those wrinkles we put on our selves and we do it ourselves with the way we sleep. 

I invested in a beauty pillow and I sleep with that each night as I also sleep on my side. There's a hollow area on the side of the pillow which lets your cheek flow and stop the wrinkles. 

Another beauty ritual I follow is wearing a hair clip. I put on a hair clip each night so my hair doesn't touch my shoulder. I put my hair up as I have long hair. Tying your hair is a method to sway it away from breakage. In fact, it can tame your hair and keep it away from your face. 

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