Kazani Giving

We are committed to preserving plants around world while bringing plant based ingredients into peoples' daily lives.

"By bringing these marvelous products to the Western world, we aim to enhance individual confidence."

Kazani is thrilled to partner with The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and help save the Mediterranean's plants! Kazani donates part of its proceeds towards www.iucn.org, an environmental organization that works tirelessly preserving this beautiful region’s natural habitats while simultaneously improving peoples well-being through sustainable use initiatives like planting trees or creating pottery products from grasses grown on abandoned farmland.

We are committed to continuing the ancient tradition of making luxurious, hair and body care products from exotic Mediterranean plants. We combine traditional knowledge with cutting-edge science. We are dedicated to help restore habitats and improve people's well being by reversing habitat loss across the Mediterranean. With 24 countries borders this beautiful sea (known as “The Mediterranean”), we're on a mission: conserving these crops for future generations who will undoubtedly enjoy them just as much if not more than we do today--perhaps even finding new ways to use them too due their versatility.

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