Green Beauty

Our ideas of beauty have been traditionally handed down for generations. When it comes to wellness, we discovered everything old is new again.

Thus, we started Kazani.

Our aim is to have a healthier lifestyle. This will take commitment, baby steps and habits. When you combine the 3, voila, the magic happens and you are on your way to a cleaner lifestyle.

To accomplish this, we  came up with 12 resolutions on our January 2018 blog. In this month's issue, we would like to talk about Green Beauty.

The first rule is before purchasing your hair and skin products, make sure to read the back of the label. Applying green beauty hair and skin products with no sulfates and paraben is crucial.  

What is your hair goal?

As we started the New Year, this is the best time to get rid of toxins and start a new beginning with your beauty routine. There is an ocean array of hair care and skincare products. 

Make sure to make a commitment and promise yourself to go for hair care with natural plant-derived ingredients to reap all the benefits. 

Benefits of Green Beauty

 1. You will use less product.

You will use less of Kazani scalp scrub. Apply only a quarter amount and dilute it with nature's essence, h2O.  This will last you about 1.5 months - 2 months. Saving on money will accrue over time.

  2. Protect and Conserve Nature

    The effects of bad, synthetic ingredients on the environment are a concern.  Kazani donates a portion of our proceeds to to help conserve nature. We invite you to help preserve and conserve the earth and her precious treasures.

    Scalp Care

    As we have indicated in multiple social media content, healthy hair starts at the scalp. Once you have gotten rid of abrasive synthetic ingredients, it’s crucial to apply products that will nourish the scalp. A healthy scalp is the base for healthy hair, which is why our scalp scrub will just give the scalp the attention it needs. These ingredients nourish strands from roots to tips for lustrous tresses.  


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