Autumn Hairstyles

Simple is the new style for this fall's hair fashion trends.

One way is a ponytail with a bow on it. It makes your hair look simple and chique. The fashion shows in New York, Paris and Milan show that designers had their models wear velvet ribboned ponytails, with the bows being from minuscule in length to gigantic ones.

Another fashion hair-trend is to have your hair half up. Section hair with the black bow hanging down, not tied. From centered-parted ponytails to side-parted ponytails, you can show off your earrings. There were two ponytails at Alexander Mcqueen's fashion show. One in the back and one in the front.

A third hair-trend is putting your hair back. A high-shine slicked down hair-trend is very simple and easy. How do you do it? Slick hair is simply brushed back or tucked behind the ears. Thus, make sure you have no hair on your face.

Braids will continue to be in style. Fishtail braids are all over the place from magazines to Hollywood stars all braided up. Fit for a queen, try the classic milkmaid braid, but set it toward the back of your head like a halo. You can find diverse versions of braids and DIYs on pinterest/kazaniproducts.



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